55 East Monroe

55 East Monroe, Chicago, Illinois

Parking Structure Restoration

William Hach and Associates, Inc. performed six phases of concrete slab repairs at 850-space parking structure.

In each of the six phases, William Hach and Associates, Inc.’s extensive concrete repairs had very little effect on the day-to-day operations of the parking structure. Ramps and parking spaces were available to daily parking patrons, with no impact on 55 East Monroe’s substantial parking revenue.

During all of the six phases, William Hach and Associates, Inc. worked at night, 7 days a week, to repair the concrete surface of the entrance and the exit helix ramps. To replace the ramps in small increments, William Hach and Associates, Inc. broke out a portion of concrete helix ramps overnight, and prior to the start of each business day, installed 1 inch steel plates over the broken out concrete. After regular business hours, William Hach and Associates, Inc. removed the steel plates, poured rapid setting, site-mixed concrete in the previously broken slabs, and again covered the newly-cast concrete with 1-inch steel plates.

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