Towers of Harper Square

4800 South Lake Park, Chicago, Illinois

High Rise Façade Restoration, Parking Structure Restoration, Townhouse Façade Restoration

IMG_0302William Hach & Associates, Inc. (WHA) performed a four-year, comprehensive repair project at the Towers of Harper Square in Chicago, Illinois. The combined Contract amount exceeded seven million dollars.

The first phase of the project focused on the high-rise tower facades. WHA performed comprehensive concrete repairs to both high-rise tower exterior facades, removed and replaced approximately 80,000 linear feet of perimeter window sealant, coated (painted) both towers with over 4,500 gallons of coating (paint), and installed a waterproofing membrane system to the façade’s second floor eyebrows.

In the second phase, WHA performed comprehensive concrete repairs to the interior and exterior to the multi-level parking structure.  The interior repairs consisted of waffle slab design concrete decks, wall and structural column repairs, and 100 percent removal and replacement of the interior expansion joints. WHA also installed approximately 90,000 square feet of waterproofing membrane system to protect the recent concrete repairs as well as the old, existing concrete that did not require repairs.  The exterior parking structure repairs consisted of masonry shelf angle replacement, tuck-pointing, concrete column and wall repairs, sealant removal and replacement as well as coating (painting) of the exterior concrete.

Finally, WHA performed extensive repairs to the low-rise townhomes.  This portion of the project consisted of repairs to the wood, exterior siding repairs, and the installation of wood stain to 100 percent of the townhome exteriors.


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