Nike Store Conversion

1640 North Damen, Chicago, Illinois

Commercial Space Building Modifications


William Hach & Associates, Inc. (WHA) was part of a building conversion team at 1640 North Damen in Chicago, Illinois. The building previously housed a restaurant, bar, and six apartments. WHA worked directly for the general contractor to convert the building into a Nike running and apparel boutique store.

During the conversion project WHA performed a wide-range of logistically challenging work for Workspace Interior Solutions, Inc. Each work item required constant communication and scheduling with both ownership and the general contractor. WHA performed building usage modifications that include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Masonry demolition, modifications, and rebuilds.
  • Concrete foundation structural repairs, new structural foundation installation, and foundation waterproofing.
  • Structural steel fabrications and installation.
  • Basement concrete floor demolition, soil substrate excavation, and re-casting of concrete floors.
  • Exterior concrete sidewalk removal and re-casting of concrete sidewalk sections to accommodate the architectural elevation modifications.

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