William Hach & Associates

  • Expertise

    WHA: The oldest concrete restoration contractor in Chicago.
  • Skilled Workforce

    On average, team members have over 12 years experience with WHA.
  • Efficient

    WHA’s in-house metal fabrication shop and roll-off dumpster truck eliminate the need for subcontractors, increasing efficiency and savings for the client.
  • Innovative

    WHA continues to build on the patents William Hach secured many years ago.
  • Relationships

    WHA’s #1 priority is to ensure client satisfaction, confidence, and trust.

Concrete Restoration Experts Since 1955

WHA has completed projects ranging in price from $1,000.00 to $9,000,000.00

Façade Repairs

  • Masonry (Tuck Pointing / Brick Replacement)
  • Concrete Façade Repairs
  • Façade Painting
  • Balcony Repair / Replacement
  • Window Sealant
  • Leak Investigation and Repair
  • Waterproofing Membrane
  • Fire-Escape Repair / Replacement
  • Balcony Railing Repair/Replacement
  • Hydro-Demolition Concrete Removal
Parking Structure Repairs

  • Partial / Full Depth Concrete Deck Repair
  • Concrete Deck Replacement
  • Stair Repair / Replacement
  • Concrete Deck Coating
  • Traffic Markings
Additional Work

  • Metal Railing Repair / Replacement
  • Vaulted Sidewalk Repair / Replacement
  • Critical Façade Inspection
  • Canopy Installation
  • Emergency Work





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